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Mountain Errand Services

Let us BEAR it for you!

Working all day? Need to spend the day in town? These drop in visits are care-filled and they are perfect for older pets, puppies and kittens that need attention throughout the day. Drop-ins are a time for your pet to go potty, play, work off some energy, and get some loving while you’re away. We can also administer any medications your pet may need. Drop-ins are especially great for your new puppy that can’t “hold it” all day while you’re working!

Let us help care for your pets. We offer daily walks to vacation care, waste cleanup to pet transportation. We love our pets, and we'll love yours too! 

Your relationship with us starts with a consultation.  You will get to know us, and we get to know you and your pet.  During the consultation we can review the various pet sitting services we offer, go over any special needs that your pet has, and talk about all the specifics we should know about your home.  There is no charge for the initial consultation.

It's a dirty job but it has to get done! We'll do poop control so you don't need to worry about the dog pen being overloaded, the backyard being a mine field or having a smelly aroma once it's time to open the windows to receive the nice mountain fresh air!

For our feline friends we’ll come to your home, remove the old cat litter, and replace with clean, fresh litter that you supply. 

Dog Walking

Pet Transportation

Waste Clean up

In-Home Pet Sitting

The key to healthy, balanced dogs is good nutrition and exercise. Exercise helps keep your dog from being bored – and channeling that boredom into chewing up your furniture. Exercise also helps calm an anxious dog, and gives your pets something to look forward to.

We come to your home and take your dog on a 30-45 minute purposeful walk.  When you come home you’ll be greeted by a more relaxed, stable dog and your evenings will be better than ever.

Pet Care

Drop-In Visits

Don't be stressed coming back from vacation worrying about returning in time to pick up your pet at the kennel. In-home pet sitting gives you not just peace of mind, but convenience as well.

We get to your home between 8p and 9p and spend the night in your home, easing your mind knowing that your pet is in the comfort of your home and can maintain his or her normal schedule. We feed, water, and play with your pet, and customize the visits to meet your needs.

Can't get to the vet or groomer because they just don’t match your free time? Can't get to town on the the one day you were planning to pick up much-needed pet supplies or medications. No worries! We will safely transport your pet to and from appointments, pick up the pet supplies, food, and medications that you need, and run other pet-related errands.