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Mountain Errand Services

Let us BEAR it for you!

About Us

Joe and I have lived in the Glacier View area since 2008. We originally bought a piece of land in the 12th filing where we put our camper, so we could spend the weekends enjoying the serenity of the mountains. Very soon after we were in love with the area and decided to buy a home in filing 11 overlooking the Mummy Range. We sold our home in Brighton and moved up here full time after the fire. We commuted back and forth until 2015 where we became Managing Partners in a restaurant in Greeley, CO. We moved to Greeley for 9 months and quickly realized the city was no longer for us. We closed down the restaurant and moved back to the serenity of the mountains deciding to give back to our community. Where we know and understand the struggles of living in one of the most beautiful areas in the state while having to commute back and forth for work, we decided we can help you with things that never seem to get done!

Joe was an Executive Chef for over 25 years (yes he is at locations such as Walt Disney World Marriott and Specialty Restaurants. Most of my career has been in Customer Service Management, as well as Real Estate Sales. 

We are very excited with our business and look forward to alleviating some of your stress!


Mountain Errand Services is committed to building long term client relationships with solutions that allow you to continue living in the mountains with less stress. At Mountain Errand Services we believe there are things that need to get done when life gets in the way. Living on the mountain adds an additional stress to those that commute or just can't get to town. It's our mission to help those remain on the mountain with the serenity of nature and not have to stress about "stuff" that needs to get done, or loved ones that need to be cared for.


To invoke less stress in peoples lives, so they can enjoy work, life, balance and remain living in the midst of serenity.

Core Values

Healthy Living, Stress Free

We understand the value of living on the mountain and some of the stresses that come with it. We want you take a step back and let go of the things someone else can do for you, so you have time and peace of mind to enjoy your surroundings more.

Reliable and Compassionate Assistance

We know that every assignment, big or small, is important to you, and you count on us to do it the way you want it to be done. We get thorough instructions from you and do your best to make sure those instructions are followed completely, efficiently, and promptly. Every time!


We know you don't want everyone to know your business. We value your confidence and privacy and do not take them lightly. It is important to us to keep your life and activities confidential. We want you as part of our mountain family and will treat you that way.

Personalized Service To Meet Your Needs

We consider you part of our mountain family. We want to be able to help you all we can and provide you with appropriate care, respect and attention at every opportunity. Let us know how we can reduce the stress in your life.